We invite you to get to know a little more about our church, who we are and what we believe. We have a long history in the Old Leadbelt of St. Francois County, Missouri. The following history was compiled for our church's 100-year anniversary celebration. The other links under "About Us" will tell you a little more about how to find us and what we believe.


100 YEAR


SUNDAY JUNE 12, 2005


1905 – 2005

On the evening of June 15, 1905, a group of Baptist met at Helation's Hall in Elvins the purpose being to organize a Baptist church in Elvins. Rev. H. F. Aulick, Pastor of the Flat River Baptist Church was elected moderator, and James A. London, Clerk. Charter Members were:

Alexander, Mr. W. R.                                

Clemons, Mr. W. M.

Clemons, Mrs. W. M.

Cooper, Mrs. Armanda

Evans, Mr. R. A.

Evans, Mr. Harry

Garrett, Maggie

Gideon, Mr. J. C.

Gideon, Mrs. J. C.

Graham, Mr. Lee

Graham, Mrs. Lee

Holliday, Mrs. J. W.

Jamison, Mary

London, Mr. W. E.

London, Mr. J. A.

Lee, Mrs. Gus

Martin, Mrs. Pierce

MrCrorey, Mr. Charles

McCrorey, Mrs. Charles

McNeal, Miss Katie

Norman, Miss Annie

Revelle, Mr. B. W.

Revelle, Mrs. B. W.

Smith, Mrs. S. I. D.

Smith, Miss Osa

Short, Mr. C. C.

Snow, Mary

Snow, Miss Melissa

Stricklin, Lillian

St. Gemme, Miss Mable

St. Gemme, Miss Gertrude

Weldon, Mrs. Dora Weldon, Willie

Wofford, Ollie

Rev. W. M. Rudolph of the Farmington Baptist Church read the church covenant, and it was adopted by the newly organized church.

The committee for selection of the building site was W. R. Alexander chairman, Charles McCrorey, W. M. Clemons. The first Building committee was Lee Graham chairman, J. C. Gideon, W. E. London, W. R. Alexander and C. C. Short.

In the fall of 1905, a small one room building was erected on the present site.

Through the years additions have been made, those being in 1928, 1934, 1942. Much remodeling and things have been done in the church to improve the looks and make it more accessible for our people.

In February 1954, the church voted to borrow $35,000.00 for the erection of an educational building. On April 10, 1954, soon after an impressive ground breaking ceremony, actual work was started. The men donned their overalls and donated all labor except for the brick laying, which was contracted; and built a spacious two-story educational building next to and adjoining the original building. The ladies assisted by preparing meals for the workers on Saturdays. The building committee for this project consisted of the following members: Carl Lupkey, Chairman; George McCrorey, Architect & Construction Engineer; Harold Clark, Treasurer; Carl McGeorge, Forest Wesley, Cheley Baugh, Lawrence Tesreau, Leroy Lupkey, Earl Wilt, Cecil Milburn, Marvin Short.

The church has purchased a number of homes near the church. In July 1950, they purchased property at 316 West Main St. for a parsonage; and sold the property across the street at 221 West Main, which was the old parsonage. In 1953, they bought the McGee property and traded it for the Marvin McFarland property that joined the church for the purpose of building an educational building. In May 1972, they bought the Hampton property. In March 1973, they bought the Elva Martin Gilliam property for a parking lot and in August 2002, they bought the Dr. Cain property next door as the east side house was tom down and the lot used for a parking lot. Sometime around 1965, the property at 130 West Main was bought and a new parsonage was built, and open house was held January 1, 1967, and in March 2003, the parsonage was sold.

Members of the church licensed to the ministry; Elmer Polk in 1930, Jim Martin in 1956, Eugene Stevens in 1989, and our Pastor, Rev. William Hintz, left the church in May 1960, to become a foreign missionary which he had been called to before he became our Pastor.

August 1988 - a special commissioning service was held for Eugene Stevens by the Home Missions Board as Blind Ministry Consult of the Missouri Baptist Convention.

Some interesting lists of information: In the early days, the pastor's salary and church expenses were paid by pledges from members. The treasurer made a report each business meeting of those who were delinquent in payment.

In 1916 - the kerosene lanterns were replaced by electric lights, but it wasn't until 1939 that gas was installed in the church basement.

In 1917 - the Ladies Aid and Board of Trustees reported to the church that they had purchased a parsonage for $750.00.

The church was damaged by fire in 1925. Services were held in the school building until repairs could be made.

In the 1930's, the Elvins Sunday School ranked 5th in the State of Missouri.

April 18, 1948 - all former pastors and friends of the church were invited to take part in dedication ceremonies and burning of notes.

April 4, 1962 - a recommendation was approved that we send a monthly supplement of $20.00 for a period of one year or as long as the church was financially able to Southwest Baptist Church of Omaha, Nebraska, to help their building program. Jim Martin is pastor.

August 15, 1965 - a new Baldwin Grand Piano was dedicated. July 1978, the church voted to purchase a 66 passenger bus for the church and Senior Citizens of the community.

September 1983 - a ramp was constructed for the handicapped in the educational building.

December 16, 1984 - Mr. Carl Lupkey was given special recogni­tion for having served as a deacon of Elvins First Baptist Church for 63 years.

Summer of 1990 - Completely remodeled class rooms in the educational building with new carpeting installed in all class rooms, hallways and stairs, including front foyer. Ramps leading into the back of the educational-building were constructed, and a new roof was put on. A complete, new sound system was installed.

In 1994 - The name of church was changed from First Baptist Church of Elvins to Elvins Baptist Church.

March 1984 - The church voted to oppose River Boat Gambling.

February 6, 2002 - church voted to stand by the Conservative and not the Moderate or Liberal in Association with the Missouri Baptist Association.

January 2003 - new heating and cooling system was installed.

September 2003 new glass doors were installed in the church, and new windows were installed in the Educational Building.

July 2004 Dooley Politte was hired as Youth Pastor.

August 2004 church purchased a new bus.

In the early days of the Church they had Roll Call Services about every three months, and if you were absent without good cause you were excluded. These Roll Call Services after a while were held every year, then every five years and then they were no longer held.

When there was a need for money a committee was appointed to call on the entire membership. This was true especially when they got behind with the Pastor's salary, which was pretty often in the early days.

As we look back over the years we can see that this church has been a light set upon a hill for many people. As we carry on, let us humble ourselves, seek God's leadership in all that we do, pray for one another and continue in brotherly love, seek the lost and try to show them the way of salvation.

Ministers: H. F. Aulick, R. F. Carroll, O. H. L. Cunningham, Charles Walsh, M. S. Humphrey, T. M. Estes, W. G. Haggerman, A. H. Dace, M. L. Webb, A. M. Crain, had several interim Pastors, C. T. Lawson, E. D. Owens, C. E. Warren, W. R. McEwen, R. F. Liddell, Roy Reynolds, Wade Freeman, D. D. Seger, S. S. Borum, Roy Lambert, Clayton Baker, Kenneth P. Wilkinson, Wm. R. Hintze, Dr. W. L. Muncy Jr. interim Pastor, Gail Zimmerman, Burnell Lewis interim Pastor, Charles B. Eubanks interim Pastor, John E. Doolittle, R. L. Shell interim Pastor, W. Keith Huffman, James Marlar, James Marlar interim Pastor, Lucien Bozarth, John Canterbery interim Pastor, Jim DeSpain as present pastor.

Since the 100-year anniversary in 2005, Pastor Doug Clinton and youth pastor, Darren Webb, were called. Bro. Doug left to pastor in Seneth, Missouri, in 2012. Bro. Darren was called away and ordained as a pastor in 2016, and Alan LaBrot, one of our deacons, was called as youth leader. Bro. Alan stepped down in January, 2020.

Our Church motto today is : Kingdom's People Reaching People for the Kingdom